Deavers Engineering LLC –Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio Site Plans, Engineering, Foundations, Structural Engineering


Deavers Engineering LLC offers many construction and remodeling services, so when you’re ready to remodel, upgrade, improve, renovate get yourself the best General Contractor in the business! Listed below is a number of services that we at Deavers Engineering LLC provide for home owners, whether you are a new home owner or have had the pleasure of owning your home for many years, we understand that in every home owners at one point or another has the pleasure of remodeling, upgrading, or improving their home. We at Deavers Engineering LLC pride ourselves’ in making that experience a great and enjoyable experience.

Our services include:

  • Foundation Inspections
  • Pre-Pour Inspections
  • Pre-Pour Pier Inspections
  • Post Tension Foundation Inspections
  • Concrete Design
  • Steel Design
  • Wood Design
  • Structural Review of Walls and Load Bearing Walls
  • Foundation Inspections
  • Stamp Drawings for City Permits
  • Variance Letters to Cities for Change in Plans
  • Drainage Plans
  • MEP Design/Plans